The Benefits Of Switching To Solar Power

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Switching to solar power requires a significant initial investment (as much as 20,000), but it is a sound investment that can bring you substantial returns. Here are some benefits to switching to solar power.

-Solar power is good for the environment. It releases no harmful greenhouse gasses or pollutants during its production, obtaining it doesn’t necessitate destruction the of the environment often seen in coal and natural gas production, and there are no safety risks to workers associated with Read the rest of this entry »

Sustainable Energy: Why It Matters To You

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Clean and renewable energy sources are becoming important for the future. Efforts are being made to eliminate dependance on fossil fuels that pollute the environment. With such a large shift on the horizon, it’s important to understand what exactly sustainable energy is and how it benefits society as a whole.

Sustainable energy sources are sources of energy that fill a need today without compromising the energy needs of tomorrow. What does this mean? This means that sustainable energy sources are naturally occurring, reducing the impact on the environment.

Understanding sustainable energy Read the rest of this entry »

A Switch to Sustainable Energy

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The images of the windmills implanted in a row in acres of farmland must surely come into mind when talking about sustainable energy. The wind blows and the blades turn. Electricity is produced via this process. This sounds quite simple of course. While the process is not too efficient, it does help save costs.

Sustainable energy is energy produced from renewable resources of energy, that is, resources of energy which never run out such as sunlight, water and wind. Wind is used to operate the windmills to produce electricity in the above example. Similarly, solar panels can be installed to produce electricity. Hydroelectricity can also be used to power one’s house.

Sustainable energy can help bring down the electric bill sent out by Arlington energy companies each month. Electricity is usually produced by burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are limited. Due to the limited amount of resources such as crude oil and coal, competition has risen for such resources leading to an increase in costs and hence a rise in electricity prices.

Also, burning of fossil fuels releases toxic wastes such as excess carbon monoxide which harms the environment and is hazardous to human health. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is extremely hazardous. A switch to sustainable sources could greatly reduce serious threats to the environment and the health of the general population.

Installation of solar panels in one’s home can certainly help one switch to electricity produced by the sun’s energy. Solar panels are usually installed on the roof of a home. They are usually made up of crystalline silicon. Electricity is produced through the ‘photovoltaic’ effect. However, solar panel installation can be expensive. Nonetheless, the expenses can be ‘paid back’ in minimal time due to the decrease in, or complete elimination of, electricity bills.

Solar panels are not highly effective yet. This is because they cannot absorb all the range of frequencies in sunlight. The most efficient solar panels convert only slightly above 17 percent of sunlight into electricity. Nonetheless, the setting up of solar panels is definitely an option for those wanting to convert to sustainable energy.

Another way of setting up a sustainable source of energy in one’s home is to switch to Multi-Fuel Stoves. These stoves are powered by biomass such as wood pellets, grain pellets and straw rather than fossil fuel such as coal. These stoves can be used for cooking, heating water in a boiler and heating up a room. The windmills mentioned above are also an option for those who live in large areas.

We all must remember that the world is aging quickly. Its aging can be slowed by the use of sustainable energy worldwide. Such conversions will help the world we all live in to turn into a better place than the polluted mess it is today.

5 Ways To Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

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Energy prices are rising, and they will likely continue to do so. Since the economy is still tough, this is hard on personal finances. Making your home more energy-efficient is a good way to save money. Oh, and it’s good for the environment too. So that’s good.

Replace older appliances with newer energy-efficient models. Old HVAC systems, washing machines and refrigerators are energy hogs. Newer models are more efficient.

Ensure your walls and attic are well-insulated. In homes with poor Read the rest of this entry »

Solar Energy: Harnessing The Power of The Sun

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Sunlight. In some areas of the country it is so abundant that it is almost criminal not to make use of it for more than growing plants. New solar cells are so much more efficient then those of the past that homeowners are turning to solar power to help them cut utility bills in increasing numbers.

Previous arguments against the use of solar power in a residential setting just don’t apply any more. The cells are well made, easy to install and offer Read the rest of this entry »

Generate Your Own Energy: DIY Green Living

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There are a variety of ways and methods
of sustainable green living that the average person can implement in
their own home. The most common is solar power. Solar cell technology
continues to improve, and the cost is very affordable to the average
person. Imagine your roof covered in solar panels, generating
valuable electricity! You can even purchase special deep cycle
batteries that will store the electricity you collected from the sun
during the day. Some municipalities are encouraging renewable Read the rest of this entry »

More Than Lightbulbs: 7 Energy-Savers For Your Home

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There is so much more you can do to save energy than switching to CFL bulbs. Here are 7 suggestions that are easy to implement.

Use Your Curtains – Keep curtains closed when the sun is shining in during the summer, but open in the window. Passive heating can make a big difference in the temperature of your home.

Turn It Off – Leaving things running drains a lot of power. When you are done using your computer, printer, television or cable box, turn it off at the site. Use a power strip to make it really easy to Read the rest of this entry »

Going Green At Home Can Save You Money

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Since everyone is concerned about helping to keep the environment clean, learning how to go green at home might be a challenge worth taking on especially if it can save you money. Going green means saving our precious natural resources which are basically our oil and gas reserves. You can save on our natural resources by reducing the amount of oil and gas that you use. That reduction will also save you money.
You can save on gas by not driving as much as you do now. If you spend 50 dollars to fill up Read the rest of this entry »